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Mail applications to: Irene Eveland Award Committee c/o Patty Carleton St. Louis Public Library 1415 Olive St. St. Louis, MO 63103 Or email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:pcarleton@slpl.org" pcarleton@slpl.org. Use the subject line: Irene Eveland Award Benefits/Duties of the Irene Eveland New Storyteller of the Year: Recognition in the Festival publications, website and press releases Invitations to the Storytellers Dinner and Friends of Storytelling Reception Attendance at Festival Workshops A mentoring session with a master storyteller prior to the Festival Opportunity to tell at one Festival session with a master storyteller Applications must include: Contact Information: Name:_______________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ Phone #s (home, work, cell):_____________________________________ Email:_______________________________________________________ Resume of relevant experienceno more than two pages. Repertoire: Titles of stories you have told, and age level(s) of audience List of westward expansion titles you tell (appropriate for telling at the Arch or Old Courthouse) Recommendationsat least 1, but no more than 3 letters 1 recommendation from a St. Louis Storytelling Festival Regional Teller (required) Additional recommendations can be from the nominees employer, library patrons, teachers, etc. Times available to tell during the current Festival: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: With this application, I certify that ________________________ is willing and able to fulfill the obligations of the Irene Eveland New Storyteller Award if (s)he receives this honor. Nominated by: Name: _____________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________ Phone #s: ___________________________________________________ Email:______________________________________________________ Signature of nominator:______________________________________ All nominations must be typed. Applications will be accepted by mail or email. 01? 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